Staff Management made easy

Using paper to keep track of your employee's shift ?

Applying leaves or submitting claims using email ?

Using punch card to clock in everyday ?

SwiftHR is here to save your time!

Human Resource Management. Reinvented.

Shift Scheduler

Easy employee scheduling software. No more flipping through papers to re-schedule employee's working schedules.


No more punching buddies! SwiftHR is fully integrated with our fingerprint device for clocking in and out.

Leave Management

Leave module is integrated with our shift scheduler module. This makes scheduling employee's shift much easier.


Making claims process a breeze. No more emails! Managers can view a very comprehensive claims report from anywhere.


Both leave and claims modules are integrated with our workflow engine. It's fully customizable to suit your organisation needs.

Report & Analysis

You can take a closer look on your employee's performance with our report and analysis module. We have various of reports, including Timesheet Report and Claims Report.

Employee Scheduling made Simple.

Scheduling employee's timesheet has never been an easy task. Especially when one of your employees cannot turn up for the job. How difficult it is, to find a replacement? SwiftHR helps you to manage it in a few minutes!


We capture your employee's clocking time with a fingerprint device provided by us. No more punching buddies.

Powerful Scheduler

Our shift scheduler is made to be so powerful that you can configure them to suit on your own preferences.

Shift Scheduler

Repeated Shift

Repeated shift can be easily configured. This will save a lot of your time for repeated shift over a few weeks or months.


Capturing and calculation of employee's lateness and overtime are fully automated. No more manual calculation, no more headaches.

Leave that is done Right.

Still tracking employees' leave with Spreadsheet? Applying leave through emails? There is a better way to do this. Our leave management comes with workflow engine. Managers get notified from your leave application. SwiftHR helps you to keep track of your outstanding leaves, too!

Public Holiday

Public holiday can be configured to automatically skip from deducting your leaves.

Leave in Lieu

Replacement leave can be easily configured and tracked. All replacement leaves will be added to annual leave.

Leave Calendar

Leave Policy

Leave policy defines how your leave should work. It's fully customisable to suit your organisation.


Our fully customisable workflow engine works seamlessly with our leave module. You can configure your approvals according to your needs.

Claim on the Go!

Everyone has tight schedules everyday. Claim is one of the most time consuming task. Why not claiming your expenses while you're on the go?

Manage Expenses

Account codes are fully configurable to suit your organisation needs.

Account Codes


Receipts are everywhere, let's keep them in one place!


Approve or Reject

Claim approvals are right at your fingertips. Claim that is made simple but serve the purpose.

Claims approval

Report Analysis that Matters.


A complete timesheet report of working hours, lunch hours, and work overtime.


Various claim summary to show how much has been claimed, pending, approved, or rejected. Even sales taxes are calculated automatically for you!

Report Analysis

Working Performance

Analyse your employee's work performance. We capture their clocking time and present them in graph. This includes how many emergency leaves or sick leaves they have taken.

Leave Analysis

Employee's leave are all captured and therefore we can tell, if an employee has a lot of emergency leave or sick leave.

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The URL address will typically look like this: "".

If you can’t find the URL, please ask your administrator.

When you have reached the right page, type in your username and password and you are ready to go.


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